Analytics & Feedback - start tracking your API doc engagement

We just launched a new way to visualize your API adoption data and see how users and teams are using your documentatio

Analytics & Feedback - start tracking your API doc engagement

Analyze Your API Documentation & Engage With Your Readers

Hi there,

From traffic data to engagement-specific analytics, you can now:

  • Understand how your API Documentation users are engaging with your content, so you know what's working and what's not. Key metrics include Sessions, Users, and Views.
  • Analyze users' comments and uncover insights that will help you to understand what your documentation is lacking. See for yourself how users rate their experience and what you can improve for effective results.

Where can you see the analytics dashboard?

If you have "editor" permission then you can click on Analytics

How to activate "user feedback" feature?

Go to your project settings and enable "Capture the user feedback"

How do readers provide feedback?

Readers can provide their feedback in every main section

How can I see the user feedback?

You can go back to the analytics page and under "by comments" you can see all the recent comments. You can use the above date picker to filter user comments

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