#WebSummit2022 Pitch Competition Won by Theneo

In a thrilling culmination at WebSummit 2022 in Lisbon, Georgia's innovative startup, Theneo, secured victory in the highly contested PITCH competition. The event witnessed thousands of startups from across the globe vying for the top spot, with 110 companies making it to the stage. Among the finalists were three exceptional contenders, including the triumphant Theneo.

The judging criteria for the PITCH competition included the product's potential, disruptiveness, financial evaluation, team composition, and the quality of the pitch. Additionally, audience votes served as the fourth judge, contributing 25% to the final decision.

Theneo, founded in Georgia, addresses a crucial challenge faced by developers in the modern age of applications and internet services. While APIs play a vital role in streamlining the development process by linking third-party services, the lack of clear and understandable API documentation poses a significant hurdle. Theneo's ingenious platform provides developers with a seamless solution, enabling the creation of beautiful and easy-to-understand API specifications and instructions.

The importance of Theneo's contribution resonates strongly, especially for APIs developed within organizations. Often, these in-house APIs lack comprehensive documentation and become forgotten as personnel change. Theneo not only bridges this gap but does so at a fraction of the cost, earning it well-deserved recognition and accolades.

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